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Background image if satined glass dome




One of the most spectacular uses for either stained glass or leaded glass is the creation of  a Dome. Our Domes come in any shape or size. We install LED lighting above these so you can control the light.

Beveled diamond design leaded glass

Leaded Glass

The term "leaded glass" refers to a panel made the same as a stained glass panel but done so with clear & clear textured glass. No (or minimal) color.


Stained Glass

Designed and handmade using colored glass or glass that we hand-paint and fire in our kilns. The designs available are unlimited.


Religious Glass

Stained glass designed with a religious message. Often, the majority of the glass must be hand-painted.


Stained Glass or Leaded Glass in a flat frame and mounted at the ceiling. We install LED lighting above these as needed.

Front door and sidelights with etched glass

Etched & Carved Glass

The design is either sand-blasted or carved into the glass. This is usually done on clear or textured glass but can also be done on certain types of colored glass. The results are always spectacular.

Installing a repaired stained glass window


Eventually, all Stained Glass and Leaded Glass will need Restoration. In most cases, this involves re-building the entire panel(s) with new lead. Correct restoration is a meticulous and demanding job and often requires that we create new hand-painted glass.

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