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Background of Colorful Stained Glas Window


Staineg glass window of a tream with grass and rocks

Stained Glass and Leaded Glass

Stained glass is the general term for small pieces of glass made into a panel using H shaped metal came (channel). The caming is usually lead but can be  zinc, copper or brass for some designs. A putty is used to seal where the glass meets the came.

In some designs, we must hand-paint and kiln-fire some or all of the glass we are using. 

There is also a method where we use copper foil rather than metal caming but this is rare in our designs.

Leaded glass is the same as stained glass but we use clear or clear textured glass, no color (or very little color).

Whether stained or leaded, the glass and metal are hand built as a panel. The panel could be for a door, window, dome, skylight or several other possibilities.

Every piece we do is unique, designed in consultation with you and/or your designer. Then hand crafted using the same techniques that have been used for over 1000 years.

Restorations and Repairs

Your stained glass is not only an inspirational artistic treasure, it is also a financial asset. The replacement cost, especially of older glass and of hand-painted glass, can be extremely high. It is very wise to invest in the proper care of your stained glass.

The most common deterioration of a stained glass window is that it begins to bow, sag or bulge. Weathering, especially by heat, of the lead used in constructing the panel(s) has softened the lead. If this is not corrected, the valuable glass will crack and possibly fall out of the window. Whether your stained glass needs a complete restoration  or simple repairs, we are here to help.

A stained glass window being repaired
Sandblasted glass showing leaves ad branches

Etched and Carved Glass

I addition to Stained Glass and Leaded Glass we also hand craft etched and carved glass. We either sand blast or carve the design directly into the glass. This is usually done with clear or clear textured glass but there are also a few types of colored glass that can be etched or carved with excellent results.


Whether you are a home-owner, an Architect, a Builder, a Designer or anyone else…and whether your project is one piece or an entire turn-key project, we can provide what you need. As a licensed and fully insured glass contractor, almost nothing is beyond our range.

  • Design, build and install stained, leaded and etched glass.

  • Extract, crate and transport glass to restore. Re-install.

  • Design, provide and install frames for our Domes & Skylights.

  • Design and install LED lighting above our Domes & Skylights. 

  • Light boxes, to back light wall mounted glass. 

  • Full restoration of stained glass or leaded glass.

  • Repairs of stained glass or leaded glass.

  • Hand-paint and kiln fire glass.

  • Exterior protection of window glass

  • Build our panels as insulated units with tempered glass.

Stained glass windows being installed with LED backlighting
Stained glass window being protected by plexiglass

Exterior Protection

Your Stained Glass is a valuable asset and should be protected. We have a propriety system we have installed for many of our clients through the years. It is designed to provide extreme protection from impact without hindering the view while also permitting air-flow against the stained glass surface to prevent softening of the lead.

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