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The Team

Meet The Team

Meet our elite team of stained glass, leaded glass, beveled glass and etched glass artists. 

Picture of Tom Rigdon

Tom Rigdon


Picture of Char Steffas

Char Steffas

Designer, Artist, Etched Glass Master, Glass Painter

Picture of Steve Hill

Steve Hill

Master glazier, Artist, Field  Technician

(aka "Nicest Man In the World")

Picture of Maggie Hyland

Maggie Hyland

Designer, Artist, Glass Painter

Picture of Brad Mathews

Brad Mathews

Field Mgr & Engineer

(aka The Solver)

Picture of Traci Boya

Traci Boya

Designer, Artist, Glass Painter

Picture of Lou Camara

Lou Camara

 Artist and Field Tech

Picture of Doug Savich

Doug Savich

Master Glass Painter

Picture of Anread Lehman

Andreas Lehman

Master Glass Carving Artist

Picure of Bob Zatavasky

Bob Zatasvasky

Master Glass Beveling Artist

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