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Grape Vine Skylight

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Grape motif stained glass window
Grape motif stained glass window

Stained glass in a Skylight is one of our favorite applications of our craft and talents. We have created many, many different designs and types through the years.

Some have been enormous, some small, some with lots of color, some nearly clear, some square, some rectangular, some circular, some domes and one that was a shape I simply can’t describe properly. In many cases, we also design and provide the entire framing system and for those needing back-lighting, we also provide that. We love creating Skylights.

This project was for a residence in Saratoga, CA. The client had built a new bar room and wanted a stained glass Skylight to “top off” this beautiful room. A great deal of time was spent in the Design step on this one. However, the real time went into all those grapes…

There is also a photo of the etched sign above their bar which we also created.

We all enjoyed this Project very much and the client could not have been more pleased.

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