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St Lawrence the Martyr Restoration

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Beautiful window showing religious figure
Beautiful window showing religious figure

The St Lawrence the Martyr Catholic Church in Santa Clara, Ca needed all the stained glass windows of the church repaired and restored. We were contracted to provide this and to then install a protective system to help preserve all the glass for the next generation of Parishioners.

Much of the stained glass was in very bad condition. Glass was badly sagging and bulging and beginning to fall out. Most of the resin used to help hold the glass within the lead caming had dried and crumbled. Much of the lead had deteriorated.

The damage had been exacerbated by the previous exterior protection system that had been installed at some time in the past. The plastic sheeting was installed too close to the leaded/stained glass and did not allow for any air flow. The protection system was actually trapping heat against the glass.

We removed every stained glass panel in the entire church, repaired and restored them, then re-installed. In conjunction with this work, we installed a new protective system using clear poly-carbonate sheets and stand-offs to give protection while allowing for a good air-flow to keep the glass from over-heating.

The project was completed over a two year period to allow the church to gather the needed donations to cover the cost.

I’ve attached several pictures. Please take a look. It was a lot of work and we are very proud of the final result…and so was the church.

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