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  • Tom Rigdon

El Camino Mortuary / San Diego

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

This window shows a stone path between several plants
Classic and beautiful design

The El Camino Cemetery and Mortuary in San Diego constructed a new room in 2012. Our project was to provide and install two new stained glass windows for that room.

An interesting aspect of this project was that our windows must be designed to fit into a store front type window system and that they must be insulated. When insulating stained glass windows we envelope the stained glass between two pieces of clear glass, creating a triple-glazed (paned) window.

Although each window was quite large, 5ft x 8ft, the store front frame system was designed for 4 horizontal sections. So, we essentially built 4 separate stained glass windows for each of the store front windows. Continuing the design from one section to the next.

Based on discussions with the client, our Designers created 4 sketches which we submitted. The client chose two of these, landscapes in colored glass. Our Designers and Artisans enjoyed creating these pieces very much.

Our Field staff then made the trip from Santa Clara to San Diego and installed the windows.

The client's comment when he saw them …

beautiful, another job well done.

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