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Hollister Victorian Restoration

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Beautiful glass after restoration, star burst pattern In warm brown and orange tones.
Beautiful glass after restoration

This is a project we completed at a home in Hollister, Ca. The home had recently been purchased and the new home-owner contacted us to see if the ancient stained glass could be salvaged and restored.

There were three transom windows in the worst condition. If you view the attached pictures you will see that they were literally falling apart. These entire panels were bulging and slowly but surely dropping out of the windows.

Our job was to remove all 3 transoms, re-build them and restore them to their original condition and re-install them.  This required that we take them apart piece by piece, replace all the lead, repair the glass as needed, clean many decades of grime off each piece, assemble, deliver and re-install.

As the pictures will show, it was well worth the effort. The glass is gorgeous.

There is nothing we enjoy more than restoring old stained glass to its original magnificence.

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