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New Door Glass for San Jose Home

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Beautifully completed door
Beautifully completed door

This is a project we did at a home located in the Silver Creek district of San Jose, Ca.

The home-owner was not pleased with their front entry door because it was clear glass and provided no privacy. They contacted us regarding options other than replacing the entire door and/or the entire Entryway.

Our recommendation was that we create a new leaded glass panel, remove the clear glass and install our new leaded glass. The home-owners met with our Designers and approved the new design.

We then built the new leaded glass panel, delivered it, removed the old glass and installed the new.

This solution saved the home-owners a great deal of time, money and hassle that would have gone into finding a new door that would integrate well… or worse, having to re-do the entire Entryway.

Most importantly, the new glass gave them the privacy they wanted and did so BEAUTIFULLY!

They were very, very pleased. Some pictures are attached.

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