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San Francisco Columbarium Stained Glass, Part 3

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Beautifully designed landscape adds dimension and light
Beautifully designed landscape adds dimension and light

Part 3 of the San Francisco Columbarium Series - New Stained Glass Windows.

In 2012, a new Columbarium building was constructed along side the existing Columbarium from 1898, located at 1 Loraine Ct in San Francisco. In addition to the creation of five new stained glass skylights, we created three new stained glass windows for this building.

The client stated that the design of these windows should be of landscapes. Our Glass Artisans enjoyed the freedom this permitted them in creating original sketches and designs. These designs, along with glass samples were submitted to the client for approval and were accepted with no changes or alterations.

The integral step in the creation of these windows came in the original artist’s designing of them. Without artists on staff who were capable of creating and sketching these beautiful landscapes we could not have satisfied the client. Our artists did an exceptional job on these. These windows are true stained glass pieces with colored glass throughout. As with all our work on this project, we received rave reviews from the client.

Two of these windows are located in the Athena Room, the third is in the Artemis Room.  I have included several pictures.

Our stained glass windows were to be installed on the interior side of store front style windows. This required that we also design and install wooden sashes that we could then install our windows into. Another interesting challenge for us which we accomplished with no trouble.

Next time you are at The San Francisco Columbarium, please take a look at our windows and let us know what you think.

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